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The Social Impact of SDE

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Trudi Lebron is the first to tell you she’s an excellent student. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. and that level of commitment didn’t start in adulthood. In fact it started in her humble beginnings as a high-school dropout who had two sons by the time she was 17. Trudi felt that the world had given up on her, but she was sure that her sons deserved a mother who was happy and fulfilled, and she set out to be just that. Today she is a Connecticut-based business coach, social impact entrepreneur, and mother of three boys. She and her fiancé recently decided that Kennedy, their 9-year-old, no longer had to endure schooling. As a recent unschooler, Kennedy was asked how it felt to be out of school. He said it felt like “being free.” Listen as Trudi talks about how community and courage helped her get free, and how she uses social impact leadership work to help others get free, too. #POCinSDE

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Trudi D. Lebron, MS, PhD Candidate: After 10 years of working in the youth development field Trudi founded ScriptFlip! a consulting firm focused on increasing the capacity of youth workers, educators, and youth organization to bring more youth-centered practice and equity into the field of youth development. After much success, and recognition as one of Hartford, CT’s 40 under 40 leaders in business she founded Trudi Lebron Impact Coaching, a coaching practice that supports women of color, social entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) develop the mindset and learn the strategies to make a bigger impact in their life, business, careers, and communities.

As a public speaker, Trudi openly discusses her experiences as a teen mom of two children, accidental un-schooler, and how her untraditional path through the arts, youth development, equity, higher-ed, has led her to career teaching youth and adults how to build lives they want to live, while living the lives they have.

Trudi holds a BA in Theatre, MS in Psychology with a concentration in Social Change and Public Administration, and is a Ph.D. Candidate in Social Psychology researching the intersections of education, equity, and youth development.

Early in her career, Trudi was a volunteer and then a facilitator at a Sudbury School in Connecticut. She is an unschooling mom of a nine-year-old son and is in the early stages of founding an SDE Center in Connecticut with Chemay Morales-James of My Reflections Matters.

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Longing for multiple days of intentional community creation centering the soft-sharp work of exploring self-care inside the specific framework of deschooling? Join us in a villa on an island, where soul work simply flows. Click here for details.

Mostly, we’ll be talking about the link between self-care and deschooling, and asking questions like these:

As we raise free people, how do we define and implement self-care practices that allow us to prioritize ourselves while we unlearn toxic ideas around parenting and being in relationships with children?

And as we liberate ourselves from people and places that keep us stifled, what self-care strategies might work best for us?

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