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Racial Equity in SDE

By February 25, 2019 No Comments

This episode, we’re recapping the Liberation and Education Summit that happened this month in metro Atlanta (Clarkston) Georgia. Maleka Diggs, Tamika Middleton, and Patty Zavala all discussed aspects of racial equity in Self-Directed Education. The panel was moderated by Kelly Henderson, Ph.D., and the related conversations during the conference were co-facilitated by the staff of the summit producers and hosts, Heartwood Agile Learning Center, whose founders spoke with us on FOFC about solutions to pervasive whiteness (aka white supremacy) in Self-Directed Education. You’ll hear the full panel discussion about race, equity, and personal realizations that stem from the decision to self-direct and to allow that each of their children. You will also hear from Dr. Ta-Tanisha Randall, an attendee of the summit, and a passionate SDE advocate in her own right. I’ll also tell you where in America you’ll find me hosting or inciting the types of conversations that happened at the summit, including Philly, New York, Charlotte, and a few other cities.


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