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Love + Unschooling

By December 7, 2016 March 11th, 2019 One Comment

In this, the season finale, I bring in my husband, Kris, to explore fatherhood, blackness and politics, the toxicity of gender roles, parenting, trust, and why school goes against our idea of liberated living.

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  • PamelaJacobs says:

    Your efforts are making a giant leap of a difference.The new ways we realize our freedoms are appearing before our eyes in more ways than any one can count. Casting light on the a former society that refuse to die of its injustice upon his fellow citizens is what must take place. Change is inevitable and you are a trailblazer for the justice you want to see in the world. I applaud you Sista Akilah. I believe the ancestors do agree!

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