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Vulnerability in Pregnancy

By June 29, 2018 May 1st, 2019 No Comments

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

What do you know about black maternal mortality rates? Listen in to get insights on the issues black women face during pregnancy and the birthing process. In this second episode of Moji’s Wellness Spiral series, her guest, Kimberly Staton, shares her pregnancy and birth experience as a black woman whose weight made her pregnancy high risk and how that experience led to see and shed some cultural ideas about pregnancy and birth, like the myth of “childbearing hips”. Also discussed is the lack of quality prenatal health care for black women, the importance of childbirth education and bits of the history of black midwives and birth experience in the United States.  #BIPOCinSDE #Blackdoulas

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