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Moving Abroad to Design Your Liberation

By May 31, 2018 June 5th, 2019 One Comment

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

Single Mom Travel: Here’s the story of Aja Rutledge, a single mother who moved abroad with her son, to design their liberation: Put your kid in public school, you fight through the fight, and you build your life around the best school district you can afford. And you find a good job to help you fund this life. But one day your son comes home and says, “Can you please put me in a school where they get me?” A year later, you’re on an unschooling path, living in Mexico with your son, and a growing community of other people who are learning how to live out their liberation and make room for their children to live out theirs too.  #BIPOCinSDE

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