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Accelerating SDE Through Social Justice

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Atlanta parents, educators, and caregivers gathered in Clarkston for the first Liberation and Education Summit on February 3 of this year. Unschoolers, homeschoolers, and various families and individuals in self-directed and alternative education convened to discuss the ways social justice is, and can be even more deliberately, part of our movement toward raising happy, conscious, well-quipped people. Here’s a recap that’s comprised mostly of clips from the panel discussion portion of the summit. The break-out sessions weren’t recorded in full (partially to protect sensitive topics that often come out in smaller groups), but you’ll get a good feel for what was discussed during the event. Special thanks to Heartwood Agile Learning Center’s directors, board, and family of volunteers for hosting an encouraging, inspiring space to build community around Self-Directed Education. #POCinSDE


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Lane Santa Cruz on FOFC Podcast

Panelist Scott Speed on FOFC Podcast

Scott’s book recommendation was Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

The Summit Info Page


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Longing for multiple days of intentional community creation centering the soft-sharp work of exploring self-care inside the specific framework of deschooling? Join us in a villa on an island, where soul work simply flows. Click here for details.

Mostly, we’ll be talking about the link between self-care and deschooling, and asking questions like these:

As we raise free people, how do we define and implement self-care practices that allow us to prioritize ourselves while we unlearn toxic ideas around parenting and being in relationships with children?

And as we liberate ourselves from people and places that keep us stifled, what self-care strategies might work best for us?

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