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Black Minimalism

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Yolanda V. Acree is the founder of Black Minimalists and believer in Black liberation. She is part of a growing group of People of Color who choose to live simply, and to own their freedom by breaking out of standard, oppressive ideas and lifestyles. Yolanda is a digital nomad currently living in Mexico, and growing her tribe of liberation-minded people. The Black minimalism movement welcomes all People of Color living out their freedom through location independence, frugal or debt-free focused living, and other unconventional, freedom-centered practices.  #POCinSDE


Explore the Black Minimalists Website

Here’s Yolanda’s Blog

Connect with Black Minimalists on Instagram

Camp Stomping Ground SDE Summer Gig

Rosetta Thurman, Happy Black Woman

Dawn Michelle, Minimalist Beauty
info @ black minimalists dotnet


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Longing for multiple days of intentional community creation centering the soft-sharp work of exploring self-care inside the specific framework of deschooling? Join us in a villa on an island, where soul work simply flows. Click here for details.

Mostly, we’ll be talking about the link between self-care and deschooling, and asking questions like these:

As we raise free people, how do we define and implement self-care practices that allow us to prioritize ourselves while we unlearn toxic ideas around parenting and being in relationships with children?

And as we liberate ourselves from people and places that keep us stifled, what self-care strategies might work best for us?

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