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Laughter + Living Well

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New Jersey-based entrepreneur, Kim Hester and her husband Jamal, decided that Self-Directed Education is the best way for them to give their daughter, SaHura, a shot at confident autonomy. They’re new to unschooling, but not to deschooling, because they’ve been helping their community deschool their relationships with food and their bodies. #POCinSDE

Kimberly Hester is a New Jersey native who is the mother of a seven year old daughter SaHura and the wife of loving & supportive husband Jamal. Together they own a holistic center called Life Strength & Health which focuses on health optimization from a natural perspective. She is a certified colon hydrotherapist, massage therapist and also specializes in natural eating and healthy living. Kimberly has been in the process of finding the balance between being an entrepreneur, a wife, mother and unschooler. It hasn’t been an easy journey but she enjoys the process nonetheless and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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