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Ep 133: The Value of Hindsight & Shared Intention

By August 15, 2019 August 16th, 2019 One Comment

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

Molasses is slow and steady, full of rich useful properties that take time to come through. I’m taking time to process the experiences I host or co-facilitate at this year’s Homeschooling Assn of California Conference (HSC), then I’ll recap and deep-dive my live workshops to bring you Molesses Sessions. Whether you were in the room or not, gain insights and perspectives that didn’t make it to the live session.

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  • Itiel says:

    That privilege and power is a beast. And if one treats their child as another human being and not “my child”, true liberation begins to become clearer. No, this is not a woo-woo. It isn’t easy to relinquish privilege and power, because it’s ingrained in this system, thus in all past generations. However, relinquishing those two are easier than one thinks, especially when one accepts the fact that they actually have adoration with lording over their child. A scary thought, right? And that lording is particularly heavy with non-white parents, because we consider that lording as protection from the oppressors behind those who benefit most from privilege and power. One becomes who/what they have contempt for- a fine line.

    And those nigga moments are BEYOND REAL when “parenting”. They’re meant to be, because it’s human beings having real human being emotions and opinions and thoughts. It’s a crazy feeling when you have the realization that this young being doesn’t have to agree with me.

    When one instructs their offspring on how to preserve themselves, both parent and child can walk freely together.

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