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Ep 132: The Real Reason Our Children Are “Not Enough”

By August 8, 2019 One Comment

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

This week, a listener’s questions got me in mad question-askin’ mode about this unschooling life. What if my children just can’t, because of …? Most of us have probably asked ourselves that question once or 50 times, yeh? Well, my answer today is way different that what it would’ve been during our first three or so years of unschooling. My answer is: Give yourself time to deschool so that you can begin to see your children from a more informed, less colonized lens. These feelings are about a scarcity mindset brought on and constantly fed by school, by testing centers, by organizations that thrive off the idea that we humans could never horde enough information. We are never enough, and so our children can only be enough if we over-extend ourselves financially and emotionally, and make sure our children learn whatever the smart people who tell us what our children need, say they need to learn. Force not feelings, coercion not confident self-exploration that leads to clarity and real learning. Let’s talk about the questions behind our most pressing questions this week, shall we?

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  • Bree says:

    At one point you said “do you hear me?” and I swore you were talking right to me. This touched such a nerve in me– I didn’t expect to cry in the airport today.
    I didn’t resonate with the question being asked, but everything you in said in response soaked into me. It was calming, touching, dead-on, and unnerving. Thank you. I didn’t know I needed to hear all this so much. I’m grateful.

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