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The Pleasure Series – Thea Monyeé

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Marley Richards

On therapy, Black bodies, and resenting children’s joy. Why do we push back against children’s pleasure? Because safety, right? Because boundaries, right? Even in the cases where both of those are true, what’s also true in many cases is that we, as adults, resent pleasure. We resent children, in particular, when they engage in pleasure because they haven’t earned that right just yet. It goes even further beyond that, and Thea Monyeé takes us into this mindset, and the root of its imprint, systemic oppression. This is the second episode in The Pleasure Series here on FOFC Podcast, and we’re connection pleasure and parenting in ways you might have thought of, but didn’t have the space or the company to explore it with. Well, let’s get into it–resentment and pain in parenting, and moving beyond pain over to pleasure.

About Thea…

Thea Monyeé is an accomplished self identified Black Woman Creative with credits including appearances on HBO, BET, and TV One, performances at the legendary Ford Amphitheater and House of Blues in Los Angeles, countless college tours, and commissions to perform for the NAACP, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and other national organizations. Thea Monyee´’s unapologetic work stems from her unwavering passion to healing and her belief that true healing can only occur in a liberated and non-oppressive society. Monyeé is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Cal State L.A., a regular contributor to For Harriet and Black Girl in Om online publications; co-host of Dem Black Mamas podcast, Kinship Partner of Black Mamas Matter Alliance, and All Heart Podcast; Director of Decolonization for the multimedia platform Black Girl Mixtape, and writer, producer, and director of The Get Right, a youtube series offering advice for aligned living. She serves as a contributor to SayWordLA and a board member of Manhood Camp for At-Risk males. Her most recent work Murmurs of a MadWoman: An Unconventional Memoir is available through Amazon, and she is a signed fiction writer with Dystel, Goderich & Bourret with upcoming projects. She is currently studying to add certified sex therapist to her list of credits.

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