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Prelude to the Pleasure Series + Rooted US NYC

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

Pleasure is an adult thing. It’s not for children to see, experience, or even be curious about. This is a notion that even the most liberated of unschooled parents can find themselves acting upon. As is the case with so much of we’ve yet to deschool from, we rarely stop and ask, “Is this a me problem?”

To start you on that journey, this is the Pleasure series, a collection of discussions about how pleasure affects our lives, and in turn, those of the children around us.

With the tools provided, you’ll be able to critically examine your preconceived notions of topics that intersect with the idea of pleasure, such as bodily autonomy in children, perseverance, and even rage.


I’ll also talk a bit about Rooted US, the NYC-based unconference I’ll be engaged in this June. Listen in, share, and enjoy!

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