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Leslie Talks Conscious Community Collectives

By March 21, 2019 One Comment

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

This week’s episode in the Parent Founder series features the “wise old woman” voice of Leslie Bray. Leslie is the space-holder for Kid Cultivators, a homeschooling collective that makes space for other learning styles, such as unschooling. She’ll speak about how to start a learning group that fulfills emotional and educational desires while still prioritizing partnership-centred and trust-based parenting. She also stresses the importance of centering oneself, allowing for grace in the face of transition, and other hella-necessary gems for folks looking to build what they need for their children and themselves. #BIPOCinSDE

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  • Anjel Berry says:

    I love and am so thankful for Leslie. She gave us COMMUNITY when we started our journey into learning at home and she has continued to be a support as we moved into building something local to my geographic community. I always admired the gentle way she spoke to her children, and appreciated her soothing laid back way. Because we lived far, I appreciated that KK wasn’t a co-op with too much pressure to do stuff, it was so good to sit down for once and not be the involved volunteer mom, I was able to be and unfold in my deschooling process with a lot of good support around me. When I talk to other moms who don’t accessible have what I had with that group, I feel really fortunate to have had that community – for myself as much as for my children. Listening in was so good to absorb all the wisdom she had to offer to those of us trying to do build something for our youth and families as a whole. There’s a movement of us trying to make the vision of what we know we can do with self-directed education in the 21st century happen, this founder series is so perfect! Thank you again, Akilah, for that WORK!

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