We cannot keep using tools of oppression

and expect to raise free people.



Pre-recorded, web-based workshops (webinars) you can access and work through at your own pace.

current FOCUS

I just love your podcast. Gives me so much life and causes me to pay more attention to how I treat my children, my expectations of them, and even how to love and treat myself better. Your work is life-changing!


I just started listening to Akilah Richards's podcast, Fare of the Free Child. I love it on so many levels: as a therapist, an unschooling mama, & as a white woman who still has a lot to learn. Check it out if you haven't already!

Megan Stonelake@EmpathicParent

Just want to say thank you for being the voice that helped to shift my daughter's father and open him up to the idea of unschooling! He was a firm no ... like firm firm! And then he saw one of your videos! Sending you so so so much love and appreciation for your work. In awe - Des.

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