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Kicking Cancer’s Ass & Unschooling

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Juan P. Perez


Fatima Mookadam


Marley Richards

My initial motivation for inviting Tia Cunningham to the show was that she is an unschooler based in Charlotte NC who connected locally with another unschooler from the show, Yanira Castro from episode 5 titled SDE Communities. They posted a picture on Facebook of their newly formed unschooling group for Black and Brown folks, and they were connected with some other folks, shout out to Zuli who hipped Tia to Yanira!

Then I found out that Tia has a form of blood cancer and that she doesn’t let that and all the work that comes with that, stop her from raising free people. Her way of managing her household and her self, including her cancer, are part of how Tia lives out the liberation she believes in. She is my tribe for sure, and I couldn’t be more pleased to bring you this episode.

Part of how Tia manages her pain is through cannabis, so we talk about that. We also talk about how many doctors and other medical professional don’t know much besides what they learned in school, and how that severely limits their actual knowledge on whats’ good and what ain’t—i.e. how so many doctors don’t know shit about nutrition but try to judge you if you don’t eat meat, coming with that how-do-you-get-your-protein b.s. We also talk about how unschooling gives us plenty opportunities to face our own shit! #POCinSDE

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