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Wakanda Unschooling

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I knew people were unschooling in Africa, but yo, Wakanda is blazing new trails! Wait ’til they get…real. The country where a brilliant young girl runs the country’s technology, a young and newly-made king decides that some aspects of his culture and tradition are ready for change, and gender equity is fully recognized; Wakanda is clearly the place to be! I left out so many instances of unschooling thought and deschooling in action, but I’m up for the discussion, so if you see me, Holla! In this episode I’ll share some of my favorite unschooling moments, and some of Atlanta’s most excited Black Panther movie fans will tell you why they’re all “Wakanda Forever” up in here!


Explore Pharaoh’s Conclave (Atlanta)

If you dig Wakanda, you need to know Dawud Anyabwile of Brotherman Comics

Mikala Streeter’s Episode

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